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Tue, Dec 12, 2017 5:05 PM

Help with LR classic and CC

I updated to LR Classic but had issues with it crashing so I went back to what I thought was the old LR (but its the LR CC with the old splash screen).  When I tried to open LR Classic with the new splash screen again the folder with the photos I had imported into LR CC were not there. Is there a way to resynch the catalog or should I uninstall the new Classic and then reinstall? Or is there some other way to update the catalog the program references.




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3 years ago

Let me see if I have the chain of events correct:

1. Using Lightroom CC2015.x
2. Updated to Lightroom Classsic CC - had issues
3. Reverted to Using Lightroom CC2015.x - imported images here.
4. Opened Lightroom Classic CC and the folders from step 3 are missing?

That is what I would expect.

When you performed step 2, your catalog was copied and updated. It is now originalcatalog-2.lrcat. 
When you performed step 3,  your catalog was originalcatalog.lrcat. 
When you performed step 4, your catalog is still originalcatalog-2.lrcat.

If I understand what you've said correctly, opening Lightroom Classic CC  and going to File>Open... and then navigate to originalcatalog.lrcat. This will cause Lightroom Classic CC to make a copy and upgrade it a second time. You will end up with a new catalog name, something like originalcatalog-2-2.lrcat or similar.  This catalog should have your original catalog upgrade and all of the additional imports since. 

Before doing any of this, make sure you backup both your originalcatalog.lrcat and originalcatalog-2.lrcat