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Sat, Jun 23, 2018 4:33 PM


Glad Adobe finally added HEIC support in Lightroom Classic CC however, there seems to be a problem when moving these files. I've imported a number of HEIC files, tagged & modified them, and then (final step) moved them from my local storage to my server.

All the HEIC files were moved to the server but now there each image has two XMP files, one remains in the original location and another in new location where the HEIC files was moved. The two XMPs for each image are different.

Comparing the XMPs is difficult since they are significantly different. I believe e the XMPs in the original location received the proper metadata updates associated with the import but not the other updates (e.g., keywords and develop modifications) while the XMPs on the server seem to have these updates.

Note that the XMP's in the original location have the format: IMG_xxxx.HEIC.xmp while the XMP's in the destination are: IMG_xxxx.xmp. I'm using Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4.

Whatever is happening Lightroom shouldn't be leaving any XMP files behind when moving HEIC files.


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3 years ago

Do you have Darktable installed?I noticed when doing a trial with Darktable that it created the XMP files with a default "filename.extention.xmp" naming convention vs the normal "filename.xmp" naming.So perhaps that is the source of the 'extra' .xmp files?



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3 years ago

Interesting, I hadn't noticed that LR creates .xmp sidecards for .heic photos. The .heic file format (HEIF) fully supports XMP and EXIF metadata, but Adobe probably doesn't have a metadata writer for the file format and the engineers found it expedient to write .xmp sidecars.

Now if LR only did that with videos as well...

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3 years ago

I couldn't reproduce this behavior. xmp file was moved along with the HEIC file.
Could you please elaborate what is the server?