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Fri, Jul 1, 2016 9:00 AM


Graduated filter ideas


I'm just getting into using graduated filters, to great effect.

I would love to see and option to set the graduated filter to be on screen level (or not), to avoid levelling it in every landscape photo that I have already levelled, that way I can have a preset made, and all I have to to is apply and move it up or down on the picture.

A white balance option would be great

also, it would be great if, alongside current sliders, you could add an image (sky shot) to change the existing blown sky to a nicely exposed blue sky.

Thank you guys


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4 years ago

Ideas (or Feature Requests) work best when posted one idea per post. Some ideas may already exist and users may be hesitant to vote for a list of ideas if they only feel strongly about one.  

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