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Wed, Nov 14, 2018 5:53 PM


fujifilm RAF files (watercolor, worming, and oil painting effect)

I've had Adobe Lr for ten years now and I love the workflow and editing tools it offers. I just recently switched to Fujifilm and have discovered the shortcomings around Adobe's Fuji file rendering problems. It's been a known problem for a long time that Adobe does not render Fujifilm files very well. If you zoom in, anything with fine detail ends up looking like an oil painting mess. If you try to sharpen a Fuji file, the image becomes "wormy". I unfortunately will be discontinuing my Adobe software package and will be migrating to another software because I have very little hope that Adobe will be fixing these handful of issues surrounding Fujifilm anytime soon.

One thing I think Adobe needs to understand is that FujiFilm is a major player in the photography industry now and it would benefit them to get on board with reading and displaying Fuji files, especially now that it's so easy for your customers to just walk away from your software with the subscription based service

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