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Sun, May 16, 2021 6:23 PM

Filter by keyword 'is'

I'm really surprised there is no option to filter by an 'is' command.  For example if have a keyword for a player number 6 and there is also a player number 66 if I try to create a smart album by keyword '6' it will come up with '66' as well since under keyword there is only the option for 'contains' no 'is'.  So to work around this I have to add a letter or other symbol to make the 6 unique.

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2 m ago

Several years back, there was a forum entry collecting search suggestions. Well, they didn't happen so perhaps that entry faded away. I think it is time to restart. 


One of the suggestions was for a true boolean search. 


And why is the Up-vote button missing from this entry?