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Sat, Nov 28, 2020 11:00 AM


File exporting: prompt for custom filename text at export time

One of my standard workflows is that, after processing landscape images, I have a an export preset setup to export them to a common "Desktop backgrounds" folder that is used for my computer backgrounds / screensaver and also shared with my digital photo frame. Ideally, I would like the images to have filenames representing the subject/location. I have got round this by using the Custom Text functionality within the export dialogue, but I find this cumbersome. 

The problem is, with standard custom naming templates, unless I change the custom text within the export dialogue every time, my images are all exported with "Untitled" or I forget to change the custom text from the last export - and then they end up with incorrect labels. 

My proposed solution is to add, alongside the "Custom Text" functionality in the Custom Name dialogue, an option for "Prompt for Custom Text at Export Time" option so that, if you are running an export script, Lightroom Classic would pop up a prompt for whatever custom text (be that location, client name, whatever) you want to insert into the filename for that export. There could even (buckle up here) be a dropdown box with previous entries in case you wanted to hop back a couple of exports ago and pick from an older Custom Text entry.... 

This seems relatively simple / minor addition compared to some of the rocket science AI stuff being added lately? :)

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