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Mon, Nov 4, 2019 9:48 PM


feature request ? LR Maps module does not "read" full gpx datas


I don't know why LR shows by default the first track rather than all tracks in a .gpx file.

This relates to

- I am using the Android Geo Tracker tool since years together with LR5, then Creative Cloud LR Classic and this is the 1st time, I face splitted tracks on individual .gpx files ! (oct.2019) . May be LR changed something recently ? Anyway, it is not evident to find the "all tracks" button .

FYI, each of my .gpx files represent one specific recording period : i start the Geo Tracker application and i stop it = 1 file = 1 track for me. But i will take care for the future to select "all tracks".

- I just checked this file with all the other tools i used regularly, and they all show this file as one track : MyGpsFiles (web), Garmin Connect, Garmin Basecamp, GPS Track Viewer.

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