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Tue, Feb 11, 2020 9:29 PM


Feature request; iPad syncing to LR Classic over USB-C

Feature request; please add syncing raw files from LR CC to LR CLASSIC with a USB-C cable on the iPAD instead of via the Cloud. And the ability to only use syncing via the Cloud for the Collections via Smart Previews.

Uploading and downloading 80 GB raw photo files through the Cloud when using my iPad during travel is too slow, it takes forever to upload and when I come home forever to download. The whole process slows down my workflow instead of improving it.

Cons of cloud transfer:  

  • It eats up too much wifi bandwidth and battery from my iPAD on my travels
  • back at home I do not want to wait untill everything is up in the cloud from my iPad to than download from the Cloud again on my Desktop.
  • I do not see clearly what has been uploaded and what not, plus the raw files are somewhere hidden on my iPAD
  • files imported in LR CC (raw) are different than the ones downloaded from LR CLASSIC folders to collections (smart previews only). It's confusing when you want to delete files, there is a risk of deleting originals.
  • Creative Cloud storage requires the same amount of storage on your hard disc, so it is not truly cloud storage (like online-only on Dropbox)

Instead of importing and working on the RAW files in LR CC, we should be able to work on the Smart Previews instead. So the workflow is the same as if the images are coming from Collections in LR Classic. The raw files should be imported on the iPAD where they are visible on the iPAD folders and easy to copy over to an external drive or computer.

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