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Sat, Jul 14, 2018 4:19 AM


Feature request - auto-reject faces out of focus

I don ́t know if this was asked before, but I think this would help a lot of photographers out there (especially wedding and event photographers).
With cameras that shoot many frames per second, you get an awful lot of images and while most of them are well focussed, some are not. It would be awesome if Lightroom would be able to automatically reject images with faces out of focus.
Even better would be if it worked with face recognition. Say you shoot a wedding and you want all the images where the face of the bride is out of focus to be rejected.
The best would be if you can name a few faces - like bride, groom, mother, father, bridesmaid, best man,... Lightroom would only reject the images where none of all these faces is in focus.
Then you could relatively quickly go over all the rejected images and check whether there was a shot that deliberately had faces out of focus, or where a person is in focus that doesn ́t belong to the group.
That could be a huge time saver.Another example would be a sports shooting. Hundreds of images of a couple jogging. Going through every single image (let ́s say from a camera like the Sony A9 with 20 frames per second) takes quite a while. If Lightroom would automatically reject all out of focus faces, it would save me hours every single year.


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2 years ago

I wrote request here like as you , It’s hard user builds their function, I expect for Adobe sensei,