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Thu, Aug 30, 2018 3:11 PM

Feature request: Auto merge HDR!

I am making timelapses on a regular basis. Quite often HDR timelapses from day to night. They consist of around 800 hdr images, (800x3). So I have to select 3 images, click shift + ctrl + h to merge an hdr and repeat this 800 times in order to merge all the hdrs. Sometimes I have up to 100 operations in progress. It would be of great convenience if there was an option automerge HDR. I select the folder, click automerge HDR, then go to sleep and in the morning all of the images are merged, without the need to click 800 times. This will be a huge timesaver! 

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Lightroom: Ability to batch process Photo Merge (HDR and panorama)


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