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Wed, Aug 30, 2017 4:31 PM


Export All Images In a Collapsed Stack

when I try to export images which are grouped in a stack, Lr exports just exports the top image, but not all images contained within the stack. When the stack is flattened and all images are marked, the export function runs as expected.
This happens to the most recent version of LightRoom CC 2015.12, don't know if older versions are also affected. My OS is Mac OSx 10.12.6 on a late 2013 Macbook pro.

When doing a 'Edit in' or 'Photomerge', it sends all images of a stack to the appropriate application.

To me, this is not stringent, all functions executed on a stack should affect all included images.

BR Robert


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3 years ago

This behavior is as-designed.  Items not visible within a collapsed stack do not export. Consider if you had two hundred images in a stack and only wanted the visible item exported. If you didn't notice or weren't cautious, you would kick off a laborious export that you would have to wait for or cancel, and then deal with the unwanted files. 

If you desire different behavior, consider adding your voice to the existing feature requests (Ideas) on the topic or if one doesn't match exactly, create a new ID (or convert this post to an Idea). 

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Hello Rikk,

thank you for your answer and your time answering to my ideas !

To keep up with your example, when having a stack with 200 included images and chose accidentally edit in PS, it will also cause you to wait for the export of all the images or having to cancel this function as well.

So, the behavior of a stack is different, and to my feeling, it should be the same for all.

I will try to convert this to an idea to see what will happen.

Best wishes Robert