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Sun, Mar 29, 2020 7:46 PM

Eliminate Photoshop round trip for Focus and Noise Reduction stacking

It is enough to learn Lightroom and admittedly I've more to learn (appreciate the web tutorials and the Evening book), adding full Photoshop to my skill set is just not going to happen. HDR stacking is a model for a human interface:
  • select images to stack
  • CTRL-H (Windows) 
  • Enter key to confirm merge
  • back in either Library or Develop module, depending on the start point 
How about CTRL-N for noise reduction stacking and CTRL-F for focus stacking? 
I've finally produced a small document for focus stacking, EVERY YouTube video and articles by big name photographer-x has multiple errors and unnecessary complexities. The errors are probably due to steady changes to the Photoshop interface but Photoshop experts like to make things difficult. Next is to do one for focus stacking now that I own a camera that is fast enough for shooting a modest range of images.  

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