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Sun, Apr 8, 2018 3:57 PM


editor shows previous photo for a second before showing currently selected photo

When I want to 'develop'/edit photo then editor shows previously edited photo for awhile and then displays photo I currently selected for editing

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3 years ago

This is not good, I've noticed it when cropping, I press the crop tool and for 2-5 seconds, the previous image I've cropped appears, with all the crop marks, and then Lightroom gets around to loading the image I was working on.
I get the feeling LRCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 7.3 is a quick update because of new cameras, rather than fully tested controls.

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3 years ago

This happens to me on occasion as well

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3 years ago

It's becoming a pattern, it seems like each new version has more errors in it as they keep changing bits to make it seem less slow ...