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Sun, Jan 15, 2017 12:52 AM


Does Slideshow module not function without supported GPU?

Suddenly I am finding the Slideshow module in Lightroom cc 2015.8 does not seem to function at all. No Preview, no playing, regardless of what options or settings I use - even the supplied "Simple" or "Widescreen" templates. Clicking on Play or Preview gets no response, no error message.
I saw a post in another thread suggesting that Slideshow "needs" a video card with officially supported GPU - is this true?
I am running an older Mac Pro, OSX 10.10.5, upgraded with 32GB RAM, SSD disks, etc., but with the original nVidia GT120 card (Adobe lists as "unsupported"), so I have unchecked "Use GPU Acceleration" (or whatever it's called) option in Lightroom. Everything else about the app seems to run fine.
I used to use Slideshow quite a bit, but haven't for at least the last few dot-updates of LR. Is there no way to use Slideshow anymore without a supported video card?
Thanks for any enlightenment...

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4 years ago

I know of no reason why the Slideshow needs a supported GPU. The GPU support is only required for certain Develop Processes and LR can manage the Develop Module without it.    You must be having another problem that is unrelated to the GPU. 
Contact me privately and we can figure it out Cletus.

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4 years ago

If "Zoom to Fit Frame" is checked, try unchecking it.