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Thu, Nov 30, 2017 10:13 PM


Display bug when "Use Graphics Processor" is selected

When "Use Graphics Processor" is selected (Preferences > Performance), all images in the develop module appear very grainy as if shot at an extremely high ISO, regardless of original image or sharpen settings. This grain is not present when exporting the final image, or opening in any other program (including Photoshop).  When the box is de-selected, the grain disappears and the images displays as it should. 

Windows 10
Lightroom Classic 2018
NVidia Quadro M2000M

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3 years ago

What is your nVidia driver's version number? Have you checked their website to make sure the video driver is absolutely the latest they offer?

BTW, there isn't a version of LIghtroom called Lightroom Classic 2018. There is a Lightroom Classic CC (which happens to be version 7.0.1 for bug reporting/updating purposes.  I only say something because referring to it by the year will confuse some other users.