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Mon, Feb 24, 2014 7:34 PM

Disappearing external editors in LR5.3 - desperate for help, please.

I am again having problems with 'losing' external editors. I am now on LR 5.3 but this was also a problem in previous versions. I install the presets (currently just concentrating on Photoshop Elements and Topaz FX Labs) and all goes fine for a while then for no apparent reason it blows out. I choose Edit in... and nothing happens. It seems to be more of a problem now in that I was just losing Topaz but now neither works (Elements 11 not coming up). I've done the obvious, reinstalled, restarted (several times) - no joy. I have also looked on net and found a reference of un-checking the Save preset with catalog box, which brought back a list of presets including some I'd removed! - but still nothing actually launches. This is driving me to distraction - and the annoying refinement of this bug is it always happens when there's a deadline looming! Help please? I can see no reason why it would work for a while and then fail, with no changes to settings, preferences etc. It has to be a bug, surely?


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