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Wed, Dec 14, 2016 9:27 PM


Disable Face Detection for Folder

I in concept like Face Detection in Lightroom and can see how it can be useful, unfortunately with the scale of photos involved in Lightroom it is pretty inefficent in its operation and I would like additional controls to make it more so.

In particular I would like to be able to at a folder level exclude Lightroom Face Detection from attempting to analyze the photos in the folder and sub-folder.

This would be particularly useful for public events where one may never know the identity of the individuals nor would I ever care.

Right now there is no way to prevent this from occurring and all of those people from become "Unnamed People". You can delete Face detection regions manually later and in bulk, but it is multi-step and and I would like to just prevent it from occurring in the first place to speed up Lightroom and make Facial Recognition more useful in general. 

Be able to mark folder to not utilize facial recognition.
On Import Dialogue be able to set this folder flag so Lightroom also doesn't attempt to do it as part of the import process.


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