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Sun, Apr 14, 2019 4:18 PM


delete from disk undo

I have a stellar idea.  How about a delete from disk undo! (mind blown)!  This should have been implemented years ago.  It is something that doesn't happen often, but it DOES happen.  Here's my steps that led up to it today.

1.  working on a collection of 300 images.  selected all so i could batch switch to black and white.
2.  then clicked on the 1st one to start my quick edits.  went through editing about 150 of them, deleting the ones i don't want from disk (works fine when you're in single picture view).
3. i go to thumbnail view, see a pic i want to delete from disk. Now at this point i miss that all of them are still selected (the highlighted grey is not much different than the non highlighted).  I also miss that it tells me how many are going to be deleted.
4.  i hit delete, all my pics disappear.  i immediately realized what i did wrong.  i say "hey, no biggie, i'll just undo.  
5.  hmmm, can't undo that.

now i am able to go to the trash and recover the files, but not the edits.  and of course it IS my fault that i missed two critical things in this process.  but it would really be nice to just have an undo option for this.  i'm still having trouble understanding why this wasn't implemented years ago, it's like i'm taking crazy pills.

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2 years ago

We don't work like that with LR... the images that you want to remove, we mark as rejected  <X> so we can always go find and remove this mark if we want it back. Photos what we deal with, we mark them as <P> withholding. Once we're happy with his work, so only we put the photos rejected on the Recycle Bin <CMD> + <Del> on MAC, PC check the shortcut!
Durant work, if you want to hide the photos rejected, we use a filter displaying only the photos marked as deductions and easy neutres.
Vraiment, but must use the facilities of LR Classic, and not ask functions probably not necessary if we know a bit the manual of LR.