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Mon, Jan 13, 2020 5:00 PM


Customise display of IPTC metadata fields

I would like to be able to select what IPTC Metadata fields are displayed, my own choices and then make it a selectable set. I want to be able to make the Caption (description) larger and be able to change the font and size so that I can see what I'm typing. Additionally I would like to be able to make the IPTC Caption field a floating window that can be seen and edited in both Library and Edit modules. 




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1 y ago

It's possible to produce custom metadata tagsets (the named sets that appear in the dropdown at the top of the Metadata panel) using a plugin:

With a modest amount of reading and fluency with editing technical scripts, you can create those tagsets yourself without a plugin. See the section Adding Custom Metadata Tagsets in the LIghtroom SDK Guide.

These methods allow you to define your own tagsets with the fields you choose and they let you make text entry fields larger.

But you can't change the font or font size. The only thing you can do is to change the size of all text in the LR interface via Preferences > Interface > Font Size.

And these methods don't let you make the metadata panel floating.  Over the years, many people have asked for general floating panels -- please add your constructive opinion to this feature request, and be sure to click Vote and Follow in the upper-right corner: