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Mon, Oct 2, 2017 9:57 PM


Custom crop ratio list not editable


I posted a message about this issue one year ago and the discussion was closed despite the number of "me too". Don't know why. Anyway, I'm somewhat stubborn...

In LR, there's absolutely no possibility to edit the custom cropping ratios. Which is already a problem that should have been fixed since a long time. Now let's assume that the stacking mechanism managing these custom ratios (5 entries max and first in first out management) is corrupted and stuck. What can you do ? If you are a user with no database management skills, nothing. Period.

Strangely enough, these settings are not stored in the preference file where they could at least be manually edited but in the catalog, a SQLite database. If you can deal with an SQLite management tool, you will be able to fix the problem. The relevant information can be found in the table named Adobe_variablesTable, entry named Adobe_customCropAspects.

Maybe it's time for Adobe to make this feature more usable ?

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