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Tue, Apr 17, 2018 1:58 PM



I noticed a variety of topics in here and in the Lighroom forum going back as far as eight YEARS complaining about the very faint, unconfigurable crop overlay grid...  And it's never been very good, but in the more recent versions, the grid is virtually invisible and unusable.
Most recent topic appears to be about six months old, at which time the official answer was "I'll have engineering look at it"...  That had to be at least a couple releases old, and in 7.3 it still appears to be invisible and unable to be configured to be brighter and a contrasting color.  Am I missing some control(s) that allow users to do something about this problem or has it still not be improved to make it more usable?

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Lightroom Classic: Overlay is very hard to see (Crop/Transform)


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3 years ago

Question for you David: Do the more recent versions ("but in the more recent versions, the grid is virtually invisible and unusable") coincide with a move to a higher resolution monitor? I am wondering if increases in display/card resolution is driving this less visibility. Thoughts?
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