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Wed, Sep 25, 2019 1:28 PM

Crash on startup with GeForce GT625M - last driver update (391.35)

I've updated the video card driver (GeForce GT625M) and the Lightroom is no longer working. It crashes on startup.
When I disable the video card it runs normally, but then I'm not using the video card, which is fundamental for the program.

I just had a phone support and the attendant told me to open a case here and wait for a lightroom update to support the new driver. The driver is from 2018 and I guess this should be resolved already.

When the video card is enabled, it shows progress through the task manager and both Photoshop and Premiere Pro recognize the video card and work with it. So, the problem is not a hardware problem. I have also updated the graphic card (intel 4000) for its last version.

The Premiere Pro shows a report about the graphic card and video card saying that they might not be updated or not 100% compatible with CUDA 9.2. The report is in Portuguese but it could be easily translated.



Nenhum conflito para reportar.

Vídeo    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 v.
1.    A versão atual do seu driver de vídeo Intel pode causar problemas de desempenho e estabilidade.  Recomenda-se atualização para um driver de versão 100.6286 ou superior.  Drivers são fornecidos pela Intel ou pelo fabricante do seu computador.
    URL: https://helpx.adobe.com/br/premiere-pro/kb/gpu-and-gpu-driver-requirements-for-premiere-pro.html

Vídeo    NVIDIA GeForce GT 625M v.
1.    A versão atual de seu driver de gráficos NVIDIA pode não ser totalmente compatível com o CUDA 9.2 e assim causar problemas ao Adobe Premiere Pro. Recomendamos a atualização para uma versão mais recente para um máximo desempenho e estabilidade. O uso contínuo de uma versão mais antiga do driver de gráficos NVIDIA pode funcionar somente em modo software e gerar lentidão na reprodução, além de outros problemas que poderão ser confundidos com bugs.
    URL: https://helpx.adobe.com/br/premiere-pro/kb/gpu-and-gpu-driver-requirements-for-premiere-pro.html


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2 y ago

You will need to revert to the previous video driver until nVidia releases a compatible version.  Alternately, you can work with GPU disabled until that time. 

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2 y ago

The latest NVIDIA driver is actually 391.35 with release date 2018.3.27 which I am using for my GT 525M without any crashes, but no GPU support for image processing.