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Thu, Mar 28, 2019 4:42 PM

CRASH of Lightroom Classic CC when exporting folder as catalog

When exporting a folder into a catalog named "Katalog - Fridays for Future - středoškolská stávka za klima - Olomouc - 15. 3. 2019", Lightroom Classic CC crashes. The window quietly disappears and no crash window is opened. Catalog folder is created but remains empty. This does not happen when naming the catalog "Katalog".

My Lightroom Classic CC installation is up to date. Release 8.2, build 1204643, Camera RAW 11.2.


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2 y ago

The full catalog path cannot exceed 170 characters in length. Maybe thats the case here?



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2 y ago

Hi Lukáš,

We did not find any crash reported corresponding to your email account. By 'window quietly disappears' do you mean Lr quits? Also, what OS are you running on your machine?

I also tried exporting with the exported name you mentioned but the folder exported without any issues.


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1 y ago

Updates to Lightroom Classic, Camera Raw, and the Lightroom Ecosystem were released yesterday and contain a fix for this issue.  Please install the appropriate update and see if it solves this problem. You can read more about the updates here.

Thank you for your patience.