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Sun, Jul 19, 2020 11:02 AM

Copy and paste develop settings giving different results between identical images

Using LRc 9.3 release

I have taken over 1000 images for an astro timelapse. 

I edit one image, then copy the develop settings, highlight all images and past the develop settings onto all 1000 images. 

The issue is that 40% of the images are randomly coming out with a hyper blue colouring, despite the settings being exactly the same. 

Some images do have variation in colours due to clouds, but this is not the issue as some identical images are coming out with completely different results, despite having the exact same settings. 

What could be the issue here? I have never had this issue before. 


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10 m ago

Can you post a few examples of these variations along with your settings? So maybe a few screenshots of the images in Develop Module including the adjustment settings. What I'm trying to get at is, were the settings actually copied over and are identical between the image where it's correct and the image where it's off?

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10 m ago

But the actual images are different. More than likely shot with an Auto setting in the camera which allows the camera to make slight changes in WB, or whatever other Auto setting is enabled, from shot to shot.
So LrC is just working with what it is given. Different setting for different images.

Next time you do this setup the camera to use Specific settings so all images have the same settings to start with.



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10 m ago

Hyper blue? Probably a silly question, but that's not just the clipping warning I assume? Press J to check.

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