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Sun, Jul 2, 2017 10:43 AM


Changing Capture Time (doesn't update sort order)

I am trying to scan a large number of slides and import them into Lightroom. 
I need to change the capture time on all photos taken on a particular day from the scan date to the correct date. I tried doing this by:
Change Capture Time on one photo
Then with that photo selected in grid view: Library / Metadata / Copy Metadata then tick IPTC Image & Date Created
Then select all other photos taken on that day and: Metadata / Paste Metadata
This changed the Capture Time on all these photos, but Lightroom sorting in Grid View by Capture Time didn't use this new Capture Time, other than for the original photo changed, but still used the scan date.
If I go into Library / Metadata / Edit Capture Time and without changing the Capture Time click on the Change button the grid display sort by Capture Time picks up the correct Capture Time. This however would be very time consuming to do for thousands of slides.

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Lightroom: Still inconsistent capture date/time for photos and videos


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4 years ago

Try this, I think it should work.

  1. First select the image you have corrected
  2. Then select all the other images to be corrected too
  3. Open  Library / Metadata / Edit Capture Time.
  4. Select the "Change" option
  5. Correct it and it should make that correction for all the selected images.
Here is a post I have penned that is related to this and may be of help:

You only have to follow from Step 5 in the blog post.

Hope this helps.

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4 years ago

I frequently change timestamps on dozens or hundreds of photos at once (usually because I travel and forget to change my SLR time zone). First, select the group of photos you need to change, then select Metadata | Edit capture time... Then pick the new time and click the "Change all" button.

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4 years ago

See my post Let me know if it isn't clear or doesn't work for you.