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Fri, Sep 13, 2019 8:21 PM

Changes to Catalog Preferences crash LR Classic upon exit

When I make changes to Catalog settings via the Preferences...from the Edit drop down (then press "Catalog Settings"), LR shows "Not Responding", and must be cancelled via Task Manager.  However, if I make changes to Catalog Settings directly from Edit Menu (without going throug "Preferences..."), LR does not hang.


Steps that hang:

Edit Pulldown

Select "Preferences..."

Press "Go to Catalog Settings"

Make a change to any Catalog Setting

Upon exit from Catalog Settings, LR shows "Not Responding".


Steps that DO NOT hang:

Select "Catalog Settings."

Make a change to any Catalog Setting

Upon exit from Catalog Settings,  LR is OK.


Has anyone else run into this issue?


Windows 10 Pro (all updates applied)

LR Classic ver 8.4 

Build 20190811719-03751b60


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a year ago

It is working fine for me, Bob on Windows 10 (1903)

Do you ever see a crash report dialog or does the App just show in Task Manager as not responding.  Have you restarted the Computer? Reset Preferences? Reinstalled the App?
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a year ago

I'm on Win 7 and don't use the GPU option.
I do NOT have this problem. Followed your steps exactly and after making a change to the Catalog Settings and click OK LR works fine.