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Tue, May 10, 2016 1:56 AM


Capture date/time change not working as described

I scan some old film images to my Hard Drive, as Jpg's then import them with LR CC 2015.5.  At this stage the metadata panel shows no dates or times.   I then select several of the scanned images and use the Metadata -> Edit Capture time menu, select "Adjust to a Specific Date/Time" and key in a a specific date & time in the "Corrected Time" box and click "Change All".  

What I expect, is that all the selected images will be set to the date/time I typed in.  But, this is not what happens.  What happens is that the active image gets the typed in date and time but the other images get a similar, but different date time.  

For example, The file time on the scanned image A is 5/9/2016 6:42 pm and the file on img B is 5/9/2016 6:44 pm.  Then in LR I import these two images using the move option and a file rename preset.  When the import is done, the moved files have the same file date/time as before the move however the metadata in LR does not show any date fields (I have EXIF and IPTC view selected).  
Now I select both images with the first one being the active image, go to menu  Metadata -> Edit Capture time.  In the dialog that comes up I select "Adjust to a specific date and time", I fill in 10/15/1984 2:00:00 pm and click the "Change All" button.  Now in LR, there are two dates showing for each image.  The first image (which was the active image when I did the date change) has 10/15/1984 2:00:00 pm for both the "Date Time Original" and "Date Time" metadata fields as expected.  However, the 2nd image has 10/15/1984 2:01:39 pm for those two fields.  In other words the 2nd images' time is 1 minute and 39 seconds later than the date time I typed in.  

This is not what the text "Adjust to a Specific Date/time" implies should happen.

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