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Tue, Nov 13, 2018 6:29 AM


Captions on more than one Photo are reversed when e-mailed - no fix for over a year!

Why does e-mailing more than 1 photo with a LR caption reverse the captions i.e. places them on the wrong photos? No fix yet for problem known since at least version 7.1 or before?  Time to get the lawyers involved?

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gregs86445215 Level 1
gregs86445215 Nov 9, 2018 5:01 PM

Example:  Select more than 1 photo from from grid view in LR (make sure each photo has a caption associated with it); then go to File < email photos and fill out the form making sure to check off the box "Include caption metadata...."  and "send".  I use 4 photos as an example....


The result: Photos 1-4 have captions reversed and associated with captions for photos 4-1 !!!!  How bizarre is that? 


This bug # LRD-4199829 has been present since at least LR Classic CC version 7.1!!


After hours on the phone (5 calls) with multiple folks I finally got an honest answer regarding the history of the problem. Of course, the case numbers mentioned on the "Form" Adobe sends the customer at the end of a help session, all expire in 5 days unless you keep calling tech support.  No wonder Adobe never fixes the problem.  

This is pure negligence on Adobe's part it would seem. 

Imagine if you have a contract where you need to send scores of photos with captions that identify people in multiple photos for the appropriate titles and or artwork but you can't do it with a mass e-mail send....send one at a time?  Really?  Adobe you are the problem here and it appears this bug has been know to you for a long time....please fix it now. 

Why are we paying you for a bad program with bugs you have known about but refused to correct for a long time?  After the first posting I get an email from adobe to post it again but with conditions.  Therefore, the original post is updated.  You guys are not fixing the problem but agitating your paying customers and taking our money every month.    

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