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Mon, Nov 12, 2018 12:29 AM


Captions and Email Photos are in Reverse Order - No fix by Adobe for years! Time to get the lawyers?

Why does e-mailing more than 1 photo with a LR caption reverse the captions i.e. places them on the wrong photos?

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gregs86445215 Level 1
gregs86445215 Nov 9, 2018 5:01 PM

Example:  Select more than 1 photo from from grid view in LR (make sure each photo has a caption associated with it); then go to File < email photos and fill out the form making sure to check off the box "Include caption metadata...."  and "send".  I use 4 photos as an example....


The result: Photos 1-4 have captions reversed and associated with captions for photos 4-1 !!!!  How bizarre is that? 


This bug # LRD-4199829 has been present since at least LR Classic CC version 7.1!!


After hours on the phone (5 calls) with multiple folks I finally got an honest answer regarding the history of the problem. Of course, the case numbers mentioned on the "Form" Adobe sends the customer at the end of a help session, all expire in 5 days unless you keep calling tech support.  No wonder Adobe never fixes the problem.   This is pure negligence on Adobe's part it would seem.  Imagine if you have a contract where you need to send scores of photos with captions that identify people in multiple photos for the appropriate titles and or artwork but you can't do it with a mass e-mail send....send one at a time?  Really?  Adobe you are the problem here and it appears this bug has been know to you for a long time....please fix it now.

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