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Tue, Mar 29, 2016 9:48 PM

Canon 7D Mark2: WB RAW setting readout in LightRoom bugged

I tried numerous WB settings, but LR always shows different values than those set in the camera, usually -100.

For example, Daylight should be 5200k according to Canon's manual for 7DMk2 camera, but LR reads that as 5100.

Setting the specific "K" values, e.g. 5500 in-camera is 5400K in Lightroom. It's always like that.

I have also tested it with 7D, and the results are different, but not right. This time, LR adds 50k to each WB setting. So, Daylight is 5250k (should be 5200), 5500k in-camera is 5550 in LR.

Using latest LR CC.


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5 y ago

What you report isn't unusual and not an issue. CCT values (kelvin) are a range of possible colors! So you could take the same raw into half a dozen raw converters and get differing values for CCT. 


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Thanks Andy, but I still don't understand. Why LR isn't importing the same Kelvin I used in the camera? If I set 5500k, it should be 5500, not 5400 (7Dmk2), not 5550 (7D), regardless of the look/color of the image? For example, Canon's DPP4 is processing it right. What's the point of this setting if LR has its own way of interpreting the K?

I know it's RAW, WB setting doesn't matter much, but why not importing it as set? "As Shot" should be equal to the setting in the camera.



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The reported color-temperature changes with the camera profile and Adobe has no way to duplicate what the camera is doing so numbers that are close but not identical are common.