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Wed, Apr 11, 2018 12:21 AM

B&W Profiles change the B&W Mix Settings to Auto

Using B&W Profiles automatically sets the B&W Mix Settings to Auto.  Is this supposed to be the case?  No other profile seems to used any develop settings.

1) If you first click "Black & White" from the Treatment box located above the Profile box (as opposed to selecting a B&W profile from the grid or dropdown menu).  

2) If you reset or change the B&W Mix settings, then clicking on any other B&W Profiles seems to leave the B&W Mix zeroed out or as changed.  (NOTE: Syncing a B&W profile ALWAYS seems to sync the B&W Auto mix, regardless of what the initial image's current B&W Mix settings are).  

Other problems due to this:
1) The BW profile is not consistent between images because the auto settings vary by image. 
2) There is currently no way to sync B&W mixes (I think a separate problem), so attempting to modify the initial image and then sync B&W profile AND corrected B&W mix does not work.

*Update: All above issues appear to be fixed with 7.3.1 update


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