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Sun, Dec 31, 2017 12:08 AM


Built-in feedback button in Lightroom programs

Whilst this forum is a feedback mechanism for support with, and the improvement of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC... how many users out of the entire user base will bother to leave any feedback here?  I'm wondering if, for the benefit of the product, it'd be worth including a feedback button for both programs, much like in Microsoft Office where in a couple of clicks you can select:
'Tell us what you like...' and 'Tell us what can be better...' and you can include a screenshot.

There would be the possibility of a greater volume of feedback (by making it as easy as possible to submit feedback), it could be themed, and there'd be a greater understanding of any much-requested features and/or bugs encountered.

Just an idea, and for your consideration :)


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3 years ago

I would use this feature.



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3 years ago

I am converting this to a feature request (Idea) as it is your recommendation for a change in existing  as-designed functionality.  People who agree with the change can express it by clicking the [Vote] button at the top right. 

That said, this would break my current workflow. I routinely use the scroll function to move through the filmstrip as I evaluate in Fill view.