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Mon, Dec 25, 2017 6:35 PM

Bug: Lens Correction - Distortion Accessible When it Shouldn't Be

Lighroom CC Version 2015.12
Windows 10

Develop Mode, tab through the Details panel, tab past Smoothness and the next press of Tab bypasses Remove Chromatic Aberration and places you in Distortion where you are prompt for a value that the field won't accept because it should be accessible only after checking the checkbox for Enable Profile Correction.

Only workaround I've found is to click Library mode and then come back to Develop.




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3 years ago

Additional workaround: If you leave your machine in Solo mode on the Develop module's RH panel, (right-click on panel header and select Solo Mode) that will keep the cycling via the [Tab] Key restricted to the open panel and not drift into the next panel.

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2 years ago

Just ran into this problem.  Still an issue on 7.4 release.  The workaround worked though so thank for those! (I initially thought I was going to have to restart to resolve the issue)