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Wed, Aug 15, 2018 4:28 PM

Automatically apply in camera film profiles

Hello All,

I have a Fuji X-H1.  I shoot in raw only (raw compressed lossless).

The camera has features to simulate film types.

These film types are included in Lightroom at the top of the basic panel, clicking the four squares and going down to Camera Matching. Adobe has done a wonderful job recreating these in-camera film profiles.

Is there a way when I import my raw files into Lightroom, to have Lightroom automatically apply the appropriate Camera Matching profile to each of my photographs?

For instance, I may shoot one photo in Black and White, the next in Cinema.  I would light Lightroom to apply the Camera Matching black and white profile to the image I shot in black and white, the Cinema profile to the image I shot in Cinema, so that I do not have to go in and do all that manually later on.

I can't imagine that this information would not be included in the metadata or some other area of the raw file.  




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2 years ago

Yes, add a profile to 1 photo (and any other universal changes like Sharpening, etc.), then, while in the selected photo, save that as a preset and use it on import. Name it the film type name, then repeat for other film types and save those to use on import.

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2 years ago

The feature you are requesting is, in my opinion, at the heart of the issue of why Adobe must provide support for each individual camera model from every camera manufacturer. Every raw file format from every camera maker is unique. There is no standard format for the file. There is no formula for Adobe to apply to extract the profile or any other metadata. Yes, the metadata is there, but every raw file from every manufacturer stores it differently. As a result, Adobe and every other manufacturer has to provide support for every individual camera model. Part of that support involves bypassing reading that in-camera data and providing alternate profiles that can be applied in postprocessing. Lightroom and Camera Raw are not unique in this problem. If the problem is to be resolved, it's the camera makers who should be petitioned to get together and agree upon a common raw file format.

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2 years ago

See the X-LR plugin which automatically applies the Adobe profile which matches Fuji's film simulation. It's at