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Sat, Aug 17, 2019 1:07 PM

Automatic Bracket Stacking

A feature to automatically stack photos before merging. The new HDR batch feature added in version 8.4 isn't useful from a time savings perspective. It actually introduces two extra steps to create a merged file, (first create the stack, then select all Stacks for the merge).

Why couldn't Adobe create an automated merge process where you simply select all photos you want merged and then define how many photos there are per bracket? It could then use that information to automatically create Stacks and perform the merge based on that. Other HDR programs do something similar automatically.

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Lightroom Classic: Better auto stacking for bracketing, HDR, and panoramas


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2 y ago

I don't really like the idea of automatic merging, but I do like the idea of specifying a limit on the number of photos in a stack.  Let me explain.

I do like to review the stacks to make sure they are correct.  But often I take sets of three images using my camera's automatic bracket feature.  When I know that none of my bracketed images exceed three that is extra information a smart stacking feature could use in creating the stacks.  



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2 y ago

As you can stack on capture time, and as HDR sequences are usually shot in very quick succession, you can already stack HDR sequences this way.