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Mon, Oct 9, 2017 3:55 PM


Auto Tone ALWAYS dramatically overexposes my images (I shoot JPEG)

Whenever I use the Auto Tone function, it dramatically overexposes my photos. All photos are shot in JPEG on a Sony Alpha 6000 with a Sony 16-70 lens. I can't figure out why it does this. 

The first image is a photo with nothing done to it, the second is the same photo after applying Auto Tone, you can see how overexposed the auto tone version is. It does this pretty much with
every photo in my library.

This is what AutoTone did to the photo:

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3 years ago

It does that because it sucks. Don’t use it. Fixed!

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3 years ago

I also never use because of the same reason.

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3 years ago

I've never heard of anyone actually using auto tone...