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Wed, Aug 8, 2012 8:20 PM


Allow reordering of pages and printing of individual or a range of pages in Lightroom's Print Module

I've been using Lightroom's Print Module for prototyping photo book layouts (for books that I do not intend printing with Blurb via the Book Module).

It all works well, but one thing that's been extremely cumbersome is the fact that I cannot reorder pages in the Print Module. Being able to reorder pages in the Print Module would be extremely useful, by simply dragging and placing the page where it should be.

So let's say I have 10 pages in place already, and I add an 11th, maybe I want that 11th page to be the 2nd page, so that I can better visualize the end product.

Also, it would be very useful to be able to print to file only the selected (zoomed in) page or a range of pages, rather than having to print everything at once all the time.

Often, I print all pages (which can take a while), then I realize I need to adjust one cell on a certain page. After making the correction, now I have to reprint to file all 20 pages, when I only made a change on one of them.

Thanks in advance for considering this.


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