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Fri, May 17, 2019 3:39 PM


Allow Completion Sounds for ALL Tasks

I'd like to be able to enable a default sound to play when any task is completed. For example, when an HDR photo merge is completed I'd like to hear a bell or other sound. Some of these tasks take a while to complete, so it would be useful if I could divert my attention to
something else and be notified by a sound when the merge, or other task, is complete.

Right now, the Preferences in Lightroom Classic allows for configuring Completion Sounds for three tasks. I suggest adding an option in the Completion Sounds section of preferences to enable and configure a sound to play at the end of any tasks not already configurable in this section. Or, replace the entire section with an option to configure one sound for all tasks.

Obviously, this is not urgent, but would be helpful.



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