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Sat, Jun 8, 2019 11:05 PM

After disconnecting external drive, Lightroom Clasic does not detect the drive anymore or the photos.

I have External SSd Drive that I have been working with in Lightroom (clasic)  over the last 3 months. Over 12,000 photos from recent trip.

I create backups at least twice a week. I have disconnected yesterday the external drive while the Lightroom was off and connected today before I have started Lightroom. (No updates or changes were done to Lightroom or the External drive.)

The external drive was not showing up in the Navigator panel under Folders anymore. I went and search for one of the photos from the missing external drive in my Collections, that is synced to Adobe cloud.

I opened the photo and I have right mouse button clicked on the photo and asked to Show the photo in Windows Explorer. At that point I have navigated to the missing photo external drive, located the photo, and I was able to get the external drive back to be visible in the Lightroom Navigator panel under Folders and show that one photo. But it has only recognized that one photo and not any of the other ones or the other folders in that external drive.

Question is...How do I make Lightroom to recognize the external drive's photos without having to re-import all of them again and potentially loosing all the corrections and edits I have already done?

Please help, I am going in two days on another trip and need to have acces to these files and I don't want to make things worst. 

Thank you 


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2 y ago


Sounds like your drive got a different drive letter (Windows) when you re-connected it.  A screen shot of the Folders Panel would be helpful.  

I suspect that in the folders panel, if you expand all the listed drives you will one where the folders have "?" but when selected show you previews of many images in the grid or ate least gray place holders where previews don't exist.  You will probably also find a different drive showing just the one image you reconnected.  

If that is the case, in the folders panel, go to the highest level folder on the drive that is missing.  You may need to right click and "Show Parent" to expose higher level folders.  Hopefully you will arrive at one that is the master parent of all the others.  Right click on it and select "find missing folder" then navigate to that same folder on the SSD and select if.   This should re-link all missing folders and images that were not missing before your scenario.

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2 y ago


Thank you very much. I don't know how could I have missed that. It was exactly like you said, The drive had original F; directory and after I was able to reconnect that one image the drive showed up as G; 

I followed your steps and it worked. Nothing lost, everything was there.

Thank you very much.

I wish you great rest of the weekend.