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Wed, Dec 13, 2017 2:17 PM


Adobe changing keyboard shortcuts in Spanish Classic CC 7.1

So as of about 5 minutes ago with the latest update, Adobe has decided to change keys around in the (LatAm?) Spanish version of Classic CC. It was a maintenance released pushed this morning to me.

With this change, (drum roll please) increasing the exposure 0.10 is at last back to the equal sign as it's been for English forever. Wuuu!  On the Español ISO keyboard, it's the inverted exclamation point.  But.... they still have not restored the shift-equal (the plus sign) to increase exposure by 0.33. It's still missing.

The problem with this is that because you DO have both options do decrease exposure (minus sign to reduce by 0.1, shift-minus to decrease by 0.33), if you drop by 0.33 you can't increase it back except by 0.1, so of course you can't get back to where you began without doing something like undoing or manually typing in an exposure value. 

So I guess this is praise for a baby step in the right direction.  Was this by accident?  Time will tell.  As we've known forever, getting Adobe to assign someone to pay a lot of attention to this is probably not realistic -- bigger issues with bigger payoffs. But if you use macros or third-party keyboard like X-Keys, FYI.

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3 years ago

Thanks for reporting. We are looking into it.