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Wed, Nov 21, 2018 1:21 AM

Adjustment brush size is different on a 4k screen.

Hi Adobe LR tech peeps,

I recently purchased a brand new fully specced - Dell XPS 15 laptop with a 4k resolution screen. 

At first, Lightroom (Classic) was running pretty slow & sluggish compared to my desktop machine, and even slower than my previous 7-year-old laptop! 

Upon investigation, it seems the problem is with the 4k resolution of the screen and scaling issues. 

Please see this video I found, as to how I made LR work at the correct speed I'm used to on the desktop.

Essentially, within LR.exe properties - ticking the override the 'High DPI scaling setting' performed by - the system setting (currently 225%)  seems to do the trick.

Basically giving you an image preview, (in the develop module) as if the system was set at 100%.  Okay, no problem there... the working difference is sooo much faster to edit in, there was no way I'm not using this setting.

But unfortunately, this causes another problem.

It arises, with the fact the Adjustment brush size is different to the size you select on the sliding scale. It's approx double the size in use!

Please see screenshot, I had to illustrate the point because you can't get a screenshot of the brush unless you're adjusting the size etc.

The first image is the brush size being selected (note size).

The second image is the size of the brush I see while using it, much smaller than previously selected, but note the bigger size of adjustment being applied.   

So, basically, when you start applying an adjustment brush, you are changing pixels way outside the circular area of the brush you see?! ....making it virtually impossible to use on careful or critical adjustments etc.

Hopefully, this makes sense... and I'm fairly certain this can be easily replicated on another computer.

Oddly, the size of the clone / heal brush is working perfectly re the size.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

I'm a working professional photographer and have been using Adobe products for many years now. Hopefully, this issue can be addressed soon?


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