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Fri, Jun 7, 2019 11:33 PM

Under consideration


Add to API: Localized Adjustments brush parameters

In the LrDevelopController namespace, add to Localized Adjustments brush parameters: 
  1. Size 
  2. Feather 
  3. Flow 
  4. Density
So that those parameters can be used in the following LrDevelopController calls:
  • getRange
  • getValue
  • increment
  • resetToDefault
  • revealPanel
Currently have:
  •  "local_Temperature"
  •  "local_Tint"
  •  "local_Exposure"
  •  "local_Contrast"
  •  "local_Highlights"
  •  "local_Shadows"
  •  "local_Clarity"
  •  "local_Saturation"
  •  "local_Sharpness"
  •  "local_LuminanceNoise"
  •  "local_Moire"
  •  "local_Defringe"
  •  "local_Blacks"
  •  "local_Whites"
This would allow users to manipulate brush parameters through a plugin just as they can already manipulate the other localized adjustment parameters. This is a common request from my plugin's users. (My plugin allows users to manipulate Lightroom through MIDI control surface knobs and switches).


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a year ago

Hi Rory,

Thanks for bringing this to our notice.
We understand the importance of Local Adjustment Parameters in editing.
We've created an enhancement request for the same.