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Sat, Jan 7, 2017 6:45 PM


Add "Cull" module to Lightroom

Please add a "Cull" module to Lightroom that a photographer can choose to use before Import where you can open up a folder of photos on the hard drive and have thumbnails shown using the JPEG previews stored inside Raw files.  Let the photographer use all of the ratings (stars, colors, pick flags) to apply to photos then use those ratings to decide how to move into the Import process from there.  Have Lightroom offer to only import photos with certain ratings, or to import all photos but only build the previews (both standard and smart) for the photos with certain ratings.  This would speed up the process of culling photos tremendously and prevent people from turning to products like Photo Mechanic to do that portion of their workflow.

Very happy to talk in more detail with Adobe about this idea if you would like.

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Lightroom: Ability to cull images through rating, color, picks during import


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