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Fri, Jun 7, 2019 12:42 PM

Ability to lock all side panels in the develop module

Maybe I'm missing a way to do this, but it's driving me insane! I'm in the develop module, and want to move to a lower section on the right-hand side panel to change options there. If I 'miss' the slider - which, on my screen is about 2mm wide) it's too easy to hit the arrow that hides the whole side panel.

When this happens, my computer throws a wobbly for about 30 seconds whilst hiding the panel and resizing the image. Once it's done this, I then have to hit the arrow again to re-show the panel - and lose another 30 seconds.

Please - is there a way of locking the left and right side panels so they don't disappear? 

If not, PLEASE can we have this option as it's driving me nuts!

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2 y ago

Not that I know of.
You could Auto Hide it so it flies out when the cursor is over it and then make your adjustment.
OR just be more careful placing the pointer over the Exact thing you want to adjust before you do any clicking.
That may take a much shorter time period than having to click the triangle to show the side panel again.



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2 y ago

Right-click in an empty part of one of the panel headers. That will give you a contextual menu. Choose ‘Solo Mode’. In this mode all panels are closed, except the one you are working in. If you click on another panel, that panel opens and the current panel closes. That means you don’t have to scroll the panels.

Johan W. Elzenga,