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Mon, Nov 26, 2018 7:13 PM

Yet another Library Filter bug (adding TIFF via Photoshop) -- and a work-around

Note: After I posted this, I figured out that if I close the catalog and then reopen it, the bug goes away. It is much less annoying than I had first thought. But it is still a bug, and I encourage Adobe to address it:


Yet another Library Filter bug. I am pretty sure that this is a new Lightroom 8 bug (I never saw anything like this in LR 7 or before).

Description: Take a raw image with a keyword, edit it (⌘E) in Photoshop, save it. The photo will be automatically added to Lightroom. However, now the Metadata Filter Bar is all screwed up. If you filter by keyword, you will see that the number of photos with the keyword has incremented by 1 (correct). But if you click on that keyword, the new photo that was just added will not appear as being associated with that keyword.

Recipe for reproducing:

Create a new Lightroom Catalog. (I turned off all my Plugins). Add 1 raw file to the catalog. Add a keyword to the catalog and assign the keyword to the photo. Turn on the metadata filter and set the first column to "Keyword" and the second column to "File Type." You will see one photo with that keyword. If you click on the keyword in column 1 the raw file will show up in column 2.

Now edit that image in Photoshop. Don't make any changes, just save and close the file. Return to Lightroom.

Now if you look at column 1 you will see two photos with that keyword. If you click on "All Keywords" both files will show up on column 2 (one as Raw, one as TIFF). But if you click on the keyword, only one image will show up in column 2.


If someone follows this recipe but can't reproduce the bug, please let me know. I'll do a more complete test and make sure it isn't due to a corrupt preference or other issue on my installation.

This is the second bug I have found in the Lightroom 8 filter bar, see for another.

This might be related to this bug that was reported for an earlier version of Lightroom, but I can't be sure.

I am beginning to think I need to retreat to Lightroom 7 (not sure how to do this though).

How can Adobe let such basic bugs fall through their quality control?


This is my Lightroom catalog with just the raw file in it:

This is my Lightroom catalog after adding the TIFF, and choosing "All Keywords".

This is my Lightroom catalog after adding the TIFF and clicking on the keyword (which I called "Keyword"). You can see that column 1 says that there are two files with the keyword, but column 2 says that there is only 1 with the keyword.


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