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Wed, Mar 11, 2020 9:21 PM

Windows 10 Screen won't sleep - thanks Adobe!

My monitors no longer go to sleep. Debugging pointed to the problem: Creative Cloud.exe

The system was freshly rebooted, I logged in and powercfg was run. 

I killed the app and blocked it from starting automatically, I don't need this constantly running. Why, Adobe?

I am posting where I can even if this is not not the right location.


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1 y ago

I also don't want Creative Cloud running automatically. I know how to start it when I want to check for program updates. I am killing Adobe programs far too often and don't want to be part of the Cloud. This is getting to be more annoying than it's worth.

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1 y ago

Support for the Creative Cloud App is not offered at this forum. You can go here for support on this app: