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Thu, May 24, 2012 3:25 PM

Why is there no CMYK in Elements?

Why no CMYK capability?
I contacted one of my manufacturers today who was shocked PE doesn't support CMYK.

I am an active member of the burgeoning Independent Game Designers [we're EVERYWHERE]. I've been designing board games actively for 30 years. Self published a dozen and had two published professionally. I frequent the many forums and have contacts with many within the community.

On question that never fails to pop up periodically is: "Where can I get a decent design program that won't kill my budget?" I always steer them to PE. I've used it to create all the cards in all my games as well as gameboards. It's perfect and works great both on Mac [which I use] and PC machines. I've probably helped you guys sell at least 50 of these.

The problem? While Print On Demand [POD] has become a godsend for the indie community, the inability of PE to convert our beautiful work from RGB to CMYK is limiting us severely. All the POD publishers are working with CMYK machines. Sometimes the RGB translates well - sometimes it doesn't, and after you've completed exquisite artwork on a 54 card deck and it comes back looking like crayon because the colors you used don't translate - it's devastating!

If you can't add CMYK capability into PE, then PLEASE create a separate filter that will do the job.


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