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Sat, May 19, 2018 3:24 PM

Veteran Newb

I've been using Photoshop since the 90s. Typically with the updates, maybe a few tools will move around, there are occasionally some nice new features & a few notable major developments over the years. But mostly, there's been no learning curve from version to version. Until recently. With Photoshop 2017/2018, I'm working like a newb, a veteran newb with many years of experience having to constantly search forums to do basic stuff I've done for years. I can't apply masks, I had to figure out how to turn my pen mask into a selection, I can't find tools, I can't use the colour swatch, I'm constantly fighting smart objects, I'm in the wrong mode etc. It sucks. Why?!


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3 years ago

I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you're really complaining about? Typically once I get used to a new feature or UI element, I feel like it's been around forever and can't remember when it was introduced. So I'm not real sure what's new in 2017/2018 that would throw you off so much. 

< I can't find tools, <
Tools have disappeared from workspaces since they gave us the ability to customize what tools we keep in the Tools panel. In their infinite wisdom, they decided to ship workspaces with missing tools (really just hidden away), so I get that people who use the as shipped workspaces may be temporarily flummoxed to find something not where they expect it.  But that only has to happen once to learn what the problem is.
They did decide to eliminate our ability to delete a color swatch with the option key. I think they have also introduced a bug with swatches, or recently fixed one—can't quite keep up with that.

They keep listening to newbies (not Veteran Newbs<G>) say they have a problem and then changing  long standing behavior behind our backs. Is that the focus of your complaint? That they are changing some old and basic behaviors? They've actually been doing that here and there for a very long time. I can remember a friend complaining loudly about a keyboard change in PS6.

Some of it I don't personally like, but I get that this isn't all about me, as hard as I try to make it so.  '-}

I don't recall Smart Objects have changed??? I don't seem to wind up in the wrong color mode, either??? I'm not having trouble with masks, though I probably don't create and use them exactly like you do. You'll have to expand on these features to remind me what's different these days.
I love the fact that everything about brushes has changed, and wish the other preset panels would change equally radically.  Some people, however, have said how much they hate it.
So yeah, I can complain (and do) about some of the changes they've made, but love others, and I imagine that's a pretty typical response if people get very specific about what features they like and what ones they either don't like or would never have any use for — so they ask why is Adobe wasting their resources like that. <BG>

And I can agree that keeping up with change is difficult sometimes—we have SO many features, I even tend to forget about some of them now even if they'd be useful if I remembered to use them. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I practically had the features in the menus memorized. I am not masochistic enough to even attempt that today.

But if you mean to complain about something more specifically, I'm not quite following you.