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Mon, Jan 20, 2020 1:02 AM



Hello PS community 

This post is about the timeline for animation in PS. This is a suggestion of sorts and it's coming for someone who's used Animate since it was Flash and even before. I'm posting it here to get a feel for any animators who've been thinking what I have been about the timeline. It has come down to one main request:

Please improve the animation timeline in Photoshop. Adobe is sitting on a monumental game changer for animation if they were to beef up that timeline on there. PS could easily be the greatest animation program of all time if they could only model the timeline in Animate (with all the F-key shortcuts, etc.) Photoshop will blow every animation program out there out the water!  I've include a mock up. 

Adobe PS peeps,

Can you make this happen?

Just smack that animate cc timeline right where the ps timeline would be and badabing!

Now, if adding the Animate timeline in PS is too hard, I thought of something else: Add all the PS brushes into ANIMATE!

I know Animate is all vector-based, etc etc. but in true animation, you need some pencil quality/textured tools and some painting tools for backgrounds. 

I'm just throwing this hail mary idea out there and would love to hear commentary, both good or bad. 

Now I know that some guys out there are using the PS timeline already and they're doing good work. However, it's short stuff and a lot of it (that I've seen) is rotoscoping. I'm talking about having PS become a bitmap version of Animate, where you can rough out a scene, ink it, paint the BG, and test it out, polish it and export... the whole enchilada. 


Anyway, I hope I'm not alone in this.


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