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Fri, Apr 19, 2019 5:03 AM

Tethered shoot file renaming problem with hour

I've just tried tethered capture for the first time on my Cannon EOS70D. This is a great feature. I noticed one problem when renaming the file on import though.

The renaming template I chose is a custom one I use for normal import without tethering. It simply prepends the date (YYMMDD), time (HHMMSS) and camera model to the filename the camera generates. So a file named IMG_1234.CR2 would be renamed to something like 190117_193759_Canon EOS70D_IMG_1234.CR2. Note that the hour is in 24-hour format. 

However, using that template with tethered import shows 2 problems you can see in the screenshot below where I've shown the filename generated: 190419_040243__IMG_9369.CR2.

This photo was shot at 2:02:43pm and the filename generated in this example should have been 190419_140243_Canon EOS70D_IMG_9369.CR2.

Firstly, the camera model is not coming through. You can see there are two underscores between which the model should have been inserted.

Secondly, instead of setting the hour digits to 14 (2:02:43pm), it sets it to 04.

I checked the time on both my camera and laptop and confirmed the hour is correct on both. I assume that the date and time used is based on the camera.

I also tried setting my camera's time to be the AM rather than PM. But I get the same result: the first digit in the hour is always 0.

This doesn't look right to me.

My configuration is LR Classic 8.2 on Windows 7 - Home Premium Edition.


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2 years ago

I checked one more thing: the time in the file's metadata as read by LR.

You can see below that LR has read the time created as 14:03:02, or 2:03:02PM. So the metadata is aligned with the actual hour it was shot, i.e. showing 14 for the hour digits.

If I go to the camera, it shows the same time: 14:03:02.

But more curious is that the time shown in the name is 040243, where the minutes and seconds are 19 seconds behind the metadata. I checked my laptop clock against the camera clock and sure enough found the same difference, i.e. laptop is 19 seconds behind.

This suggest that LR is using the laptop clock rather than the file's metadata.

This appears to be another aspect of the bug. I would expect that the date/time used is from the metadata, as it is when I use the renaming template outside of tethered import.